Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning in London Ontario
Floor cleaning is simply the process of cleaning the floors for offices, buildings, and factories.  What really matter is why do we need to clean floors ?

Reasons for Cleaning Floors

Many reasons starting with preventing injuries and accidents due to slipping or tripping. We also do it to beautify the floor and make it shiny, prevent wear to the surface and to have a fresh sanitized environment especially in Restaurants and kitchens.

Floor Cleaning Methods

Each floor has its own method and technique to be cleaned so it looks shiny and also safe! Slipping is number one safety issue for all businesses and hence we follow industrial standards when we clean floors.  We use floor buffers and automatic floor scrubber which sprays water and soap on the floor, brushes and cleans floors with big brush drum and instantly sucks all dirt and water on the floor.  That works well with concrete and tiles floors, but when it comes to hardwood floors then we use different methods and techniques.