Office Cleaning

office cleaning london ontario

Office cleaning is a process of disinfecting and cleaning a workplace using cleaning supplies and tools. Supplies such as all-purpose disinfectant, sterile wipes, bleach or antibacterial cleaner, toilet cleaner and many others.

An office is a place where administrative work is done daily. A dirty workplace is unhappy workplace where staff will be affected negatively and clients will simply walk away. Normally a clean workplace has happy staff and clients and maybe less sickness time !

At Canadian Elite Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services in London Ontario, we pride ourselves for providing the best commercial Office cleaning services since 1998. We use a variety of cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to facilitate and enhance the cleaning process.

Cleaning Scope

Our Cleaning scope includes all internal, general and routine cleaning which involves floor cleaning, tiles cleaning, Lighting fixtures cleaning, furniture and Window cleaning. We focus on deep cleans of washrooms, kitchens and dining areas.

Carpet cleaning is part of our process when we clean offices. We use regular vacuuming but sometimes this is not enough to extract carpet stains and we use hot water extraction applied once every 18 to 24 months.

office cleaning supplies !

We use a variety of cleaning supplies as follows:

All Purpose Disinfectant

We use this type of sanitize to clean surfaces, door handles and light switches.  Simply anyplace that people’s hands touch.

Sterile Wipes

Sterile wipes are anti-static and this is the ideal solution for cleaning computer monitors, tablets, and sensitive hardware surfaces.

Anti-bacterial cleaner

The best solution to prevent contamination in dining areas and kitchen where food is prepared.

Toilet Cleaner

We use toilet cleaner in washrooms to keep restrooms clean and fresh.

Office Cleaning Tools

We use Mops, brooms, and dusters as essential cleaning tools. These tools are made from hygienic materials and are used to reach tight corners.